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Province of Cebu
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Oslob was established as a visita of Boljoon in 1690 and became an independent parish in 1848 with the Immaculate Conception as its patroness. The present day church of cut coral stone was built by Fr. Julian Bermejo in May 4, 1830 following the plans of Cebu Bishop Santos Gomez Marañon and was finished 18 years later. The buttresses that would later on form part of this very massive church were added by Fr. Juan Aragones between 1848 and 1850. The adjacent bell tower was built in 1858. The church was burned during the Second World War liberating Philippine Commonwealth troops and Cebuano guerillas against the Japanese in Oslob in 1945, and 1955 but was eventually restored.

The entire church complex is surrounded by a stone wall. At the southeastern portion of the complex are the unfinished remains of a military barracks. Outside the walls are the remains of a watchtower, one of the many that line the southeastern coast of the Cebu.

The church is connected to the parish house or convento that still has its original clay-tiled roof. Across the church is the former mortuary chapel with a pediment decorated with a relief of a human skeleton. North of the complex is a small road that leads to the old cemetery.

On March 26, 2008, a fire (1:40 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.) gutted the 19th century church’s interior, including the altar and adjacent rectory, but it spared the image of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, which is inside a glass case, and the 73 other icons near the door to the bell tower. –


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