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M. Almeda Street
Pateros City
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Feliciano Tuason Concio and his wife Maestrang Tayang, or Matea Ymzon Rosales (1876-1966), built the imposing two-storey house of wood and stone along then Calle Real (now M. Almeda Street) in 1908. This is now the oldest surviving edifice in Pateros after the 1860 house of Don Marcelo de Borja in Agujo was demolished in 2000. This sturdy house, called as Bahay ni Maestrang Tayang, was built of materiales fuertes and still stands on solid ground and still last for several lifetimes. It was built at the time when Julio Tangco was the Presidente Municipal of Pateros. The town, has just made indepedent of Taguig as provided by Executive Order No. 36 of May 12, 1908.

Feliaciano, a member of the Partido Federalista, served as one of the consejales of Pateros during the administration of Telesforo Manalo in 1901-1903. They later formed the Partido Nacionalista under the leadership of Bicasio Manalo.

At that time, Matea “Maestrang Tayang” Rosales- Concio was teaching in some escuelang dies, or primary schools, in Pateros, together with the other teachers like Paulina Manalo-Jacinto, called Maestrang Poleng; Nicolasa Manalo-Mendiola, called Maestrang Kulasa; and Pedro Sexon Manalo, known as Maestrong Pedring.

The house laid witness to an unfortunate event that happened during the Rizal Day Parade on December 30, 1914. Right in front of the house, near the corner of M. Almeda and S. Castillo Streets, the Presidente Municipal Estanislao Calingo was accidentally shot by his Chief of Police Juan “Juang Bano” Tuazon when the latter fired a shot in the air, the gun was triggered prematurely with its bullet accidentally hitting the mayor at his back. The mayor suffered from the gun wound and died on January 4, 1915.

In that house were born their five children: Cesar Manuel, Soccoro, Anita, and Francisco. Cesar H. Concio became a well-known architect who was responsible to have produced the blueprints for the five main edifices in the University of the Philippines including the Palma and Melchor Halls, the Protestant Chapel and Fellowship Center, including several buildings for Siliman University in Dumaguete Coity, as well as the UP College of Forestry Building in Los Banos, Laguna. He is also reponsible for the Insular Life Building in Ayala, Makati City, the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Quezon City, the Ramona apartements in Adriatico Street, Manila, and the Union Church of Manila. Cesar Concio was the architect of the beautiful Baclaran Church of the Mother of Perpetual Help which was built in 1952. – from the book Pateros by Elmer I. Nocheseda


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