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Corregidor Island
Province of Cavite
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14.379609°N 120.576492°E

The first Corregidor Island Lighthouse was a historic lighthouse located on the island of Corregidor, in the province of Cavite, Philippines. The light station was one of the most important lights in the archipelago. It was established in 1853 to guide ships to the entrance of Manila Bay on their way to the port of Manila, the most important trading center in the country. This light occupies the converging point of two lines of approach for vessels from the China Sea which steer for the entrance of the Manila Bay. Vessels from Hong Kong and the ports of China to the northwest first sight the Capones Island light off the southwest coast of Zambales. Vessels from ports of Indo-China first sight the Corregidor lights in the center. Vessels from Singapore, Indonesia, India, and all the ports of the Philippine Islands, to the south, first sight the Cabra Island light. All lines converge on Corregidor light at the bay entrance.

Corregidor, together with Caballo Island, divide the entrance of the bay into the North Channel and South Channel, also known as Boca Chica and Boca Grande, respectively in the Spanish era. The passage between the two islands is only 1/4 mile and is dangerous for large vessels.

The lighthouse was located on the highest point of the island (later known as the Topside) with an effective height of 639 feet (195 m) above sea level or 42-ft high from the base of the light tower. The total height of the tower measured 60.0 feet (18.3 m) from the base to the top of the wind vane.[1] The light was obscured when well into the steep north side of the island.

The cylindrical tower was originally colored gray with octagonal keeper’s dwelling surrounding the base. The roof of the base also doubles as rain collector for the cisterns next to the lighthouse, which provide water not for only the station but supplements the need of the island.

Around 1950s, the lighthouse was rebuilt using some of the original stones from the ruins but using a different design. The base now houses a souvenir shop for tourists of the historical island.

The lantern was replaced in the 1990s with a solar powered light as part of the Maritime Safety Improvement Project by the Philippine Coast Guard. –


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