Fort Sta. Isabel

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Province of Palawan
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10.828248°N 119.517961°E

The historic Taytay Fort, the Fuerza de Santa Isabel, built in 1667 under the Augustinian Recollect Fathers and named in honor of Spain’s Queen Isabela II in the 19th century, was used as a military station during that period. This famous relic was completed on 1738. It was mainly used to defend against Muslim warrior-raiders in their colorful war boats while the Spanish soldiers fire at them with their huge cannons. The fort’s small chapel and cannons are still intact. The fort is now under the supervision of the National Museum. The Moro action must be understood not as an act of piracy but as a showdown of power and challenge to Spanish hugemony over the islands. It can be viewed as the Tausug’s efforts to recover what was once theirs. Similar raids were also carried out against Christian converts in Spanish Cuyo, Dumaran, Linapacan and Culion. –


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