Gen. Miguel Malvar Historical Landmark

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Sto. Tomas
Province of Batangas
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14.110362°N 121.142735°E

Miguel Malvar was the last Philippine general to surrender to the Americans at the close of the Filipino-American War.

Before the Philippine Revolution broke out in 1896, Malvar left his comfortable life as a businessman and joined the Katipunan. He led a successful raid in Talisay, Batangas. In retaliation, the Spaniards arrested his father. Malvar in turn led a second successful raid to rescue his father and then moved his forces to Cavite to join up with General Emilio Aguinaldo.

During the revolution he led his troops in the Battles of Indang, Bailen, Magallanes and Alfonso in Cavite. He was soon promoted to general and was named commanding general of Batangas upon the organization of the Filipino Revolutionary Government.

The temporary peace brought about by the Pact of Biak-na-Bato saw Malvar leave for Hong Kong, along with General Emilio Aguinaldo and other leaders of the Revolutionary Government. He was appointed treasurer of the revolution’s funds. When the truce collapsed, Malvar returned to Philippines with 2,000 rifles.

With the onset of the Filipino-American War in 1898, Malvar led his armies in the battle of San Pedro Tunasan, Calamba and Cabuyao in Laguna. Eventually, he was commissioned division general in charge of all the provinces in Southern Luzon. When Aguinaldo was captured on March 23, 1901, Malvar assumed control of all the Filipino forces.

By the latter part of 1901, most of Malvar’s fellow generals had surrendered. Personally, he was prepared to go on fighting, but he could not bring himself to submit his men to any more hardship. On April 16, 1902, he surrendered to General Franklin J. Bell, the American commander of the Batangas forces.

The Malvar Historical Landmark honors the intrepid soldier. A 60-foot pylon towering above a bronze monument of the General dominates the site. Inside the Malvar Museum are a diorama and oil paintings depicting his battles. There is also a portrait done by Fernando Amorsolo, Jr. It is a copy of a similar work executed by his illustrious father. Of special interest are original newspaper clippings about Malvar, including obituaries written at the time of his death on October 13, 1911. He was buried in Santo Tomas with full military honors. –


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