M.H. del Pilar Historical Landmark

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Brgy. San Nicolas, Bulacan
Province of Bulacan
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Although Marcelo H. del Pilar was a lawyer, he excelled as a propagandist. A master of Tagalog, he harnessed the power of the spoken and written word to open the eyes of the masses to Spanish abuses. Del Pilar spoke anywhere he could summon a crowd—the plaza, tienda, cockpit, even gatherings like fiestas. In 1882 he put out Diariong Tagalog, a nationalist newspaper. When lack of funds forced him to stop publication, he produced pamphlets making fun of friars.

Unable to tolerate del Pilar’s radical activities, the Spanish authorities ordered his arrest. However he was a step ahead of them. Del Pilar slipped out of the country and headed for Spain where he became part of the Reform Movement, an activist organization launched by expatriate Filipinos, including Jose Rizal and Graciano Lopez Jaena. The Movement instigated a propaganda war to persuade the Spanish government in Madrid to introduce social and political reforms in the Philippines.

Del Pilar’s arrival in Barcelona in 1889 hastened the founding of La Solidaridad, the movement’s mouthpiece. Lopez Jaena was its first editor; after several issues, Del Pilar replaced him.

Del Pilar worked hard, writing, editing, influencing progressive Spaniards to take up the Filipino cause. He often missed his meals, at first because of his busy schedule but later because he had no money to buy food as the newspaper ran out of funds. Fatigue, hunger, and lack of proper clothing made him gravely ill. He died of tuberculosis on July 4, 1896.

The Marcelo del Pilar Historical Landmark is the exact site where the propagandist was born on August 30, 1850. His remains are buried beneath his monument, which stands beside a stone relief highlighting his life, ideals and heroism.

The museum contains copies of publications he edited. The most prominent of these is a bounded compilation of La Solidaridad issues. The Sol’s first issue rolled off the press on February 15, 1889, in Barcelona, and came out regularly twice a month for six years.

The Marcelo H. del Pilar Historical Landmark is located in Barangay San Nicolas, Bulacan, Bulacan. – nhcp.gov.ph


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