Mausoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion

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Manila North Cemetery
City of Manila
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14.633049°N 120.989795°E Taken June 2015

The Mausoluem of the Veterans of the Revolution (Spanish: Panteón de los Veteranos de la Revolución) was designed by Arcadio de Guzmán Arellano, brother of Juan Arellano, and was built in commemoration of the bravery of the Filipinos in the independence revolution. The memorial was commissioned through Executive Order No. 87, issued by Governor-General James F. Smith on August 28, 1908. The neoclassical structure is a massive cubic structure on an elevated square podium. A shallow dome rests on a drum fenestrated by small openings to allow the circulation of air and primarily to let the natural light to come in. Swags, frets with key patterns, and human figures that represent grief to those who died fill up the facade. –


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