Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel

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Province of Quezon
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The Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel is a Roman Catholic basilica located in Tayabas, Quezon. It is the largest Catholic church in the Province of Quezon.It is renowned for having the shape of a key. Locals often refer to the church as Susi ng Tayabas (Key of Tayabas).

Like most of the churches in the Philippines during the Spanish colonial era, the first church of Tayabas was made of indigenous materials. In 1585 the church was constructed under the supervision of franciscan friars with St. Michael the Archangel as its designated patron saint. in 1590, the church was repaired under the supervision of St. Pedro Bautista. in 1600 the church was rebuilt using bricks but it was later destroyed by the 1743 earthquake. In a few years the church was again rebuilt into a bigger one to accommodate the growing number of worshippers in the province. It was once again expanded in 1856 with the addition of the transept and copula and in 1894 the brick tile roof was replaced with galvanized iron sheets. On October 18, 1988 the title Minor Basilica was conferred by Pope John Paul II. It was proclaimed on January 21, 1989. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful churches in the Philippines.

The Church Clock that can be found on the belfry is considered to be one of the oldest and biggest in Asia. It was erected in the belfry in the early 1900. It measures one half meter tall and 42 centimeters in circumference.The hour hand measures one half meter while the minute hand is 62 centimeters long. A 70 kilo heavy weight runs the hour hand while a 140 kilo heavy weight operates the whole clock.The heavy weight is suspended from an old steel cable attached to the ancient church clock. The heavy weight strikes a giant bell to announce the time at intervals of every one and a half hour.In 1971 concerned parishioners led by Msgr. Gregorio Salvatus spearheaded the repair and rehabilitation of the ancient church clock.

During the year 2000 the Basilica underwent major renovations and restorations. The altar was moved to the crossing of the apse below the dome from the northern apse. The pulpit was also restored as well as the basilica’s Monastery. In early June 2009 the parish started to raise funds to restore the basilica in preparation for its 25th anniversary conferment as a Basilica. – wikipedia.org


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