Mt. Carmel Church (Enrique Villanueva)

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Siquijor Circumferential Road
Poblacion, Enrique Villanueva, Siquijor
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9.276273°N 123.646934°E

The town of Enrique Villanueva was once a barangay of Larena known as Talingting. Talingting got its name from the fish species only found in its seas and the presence of seabirds in its shores which were also known as “Talingtingon”. When it was organized into a municipality in 1925, its name was officially changed to honor the late Governor Enrique Villanueva of Negros Oriental.

Fishing is a major industry here, as in the rest of the province. Enrique Villanueva is known among island residents as the place where giant bobos (fishtraps) “big enough to dance inside” are made. Scuba divers and fishermen are attached to Daquit Shoal, about three and a half kilometers off the coast of this municipality. A fish sanctuary is found in Tulapos, which is an excellent haven for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Enrique Villanueva boasts of vast and rich municipal waters with an array of fish species, flora, and fauna, shells, shrimps and other marine organisms. In addition, it has the Daquit Shoal which is open for eco-tourism development and a fish sanctuary which is considered the best among the best in the entire Central Visayas.

Among the coastal barangays, Lotloton and Cangmangki are favorable for fishing because of its gulf like seawaters. Majority of the residents of the aforementioned barangays are fisherfolk using motorized and non motorized bancas. Usually, the fish catches of these fishermen are fishes like Tangigue, Mamsa, Laob, Lawayan, Badlon, Pangalwan and Pangalwan, and Bulatok. The fisherfolk use the hook-line-and-sinker method of fishing using squids as bait. During Saturdays and Mondays, the fisherfolks are engaged in fish trap fishing. At present, there are mangroves in barangays Camogao, Binoongan, Poblacion Tulapos, Lomangcapan and Bitaug. The said barangays are famous for their white sandy coastline. These mangroves are good breeding places for fishes, shrimps, crabs and other marine habitat.

Other points of interest of visitors are the Bituag Beach; Tulapos Beach; Libo Beach; Kanghulugan Falls, Walog, Ka Ponso, Kaisko Evarista, Binoongan, Tangon and Samba Caves; and the Old Cang-isok House. – from


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