Oslob Cuartel and Watchtower

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Province of Cebu
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Located front-roght of the church of Oslob, just outside the perimeter stone fence and near the sea, at the intersection of Calle Aeternidad and the end of Calle Aragones, an unfinished building made of coral blocks resembling a Spanish-era barracks stand. This unfinished structure was the cuartel, intended for the Spanish soldiers or guardia civil. It was started by Fray Juan Jose Aragones (1848–1854, 1859–1861) during his second term of service in this municipality. While it was not finished by Fray Aragones, work continued but remained unfinished until the end of Spanish occupation in 1898.

Baluarte is the Spanish name of watch tower. Its main purpose is to provide a safe place wherein guards can observe the surrounding area. It was a part of the defense system in dispelling the Moro raiders of the past.[14] Many of these watchtowers ply the coastline of Oslob.[15] Just near the Cuartel, one can immediately see ruins of an ancient watchtower.[16] So effective was this system that in 1815, the townspeople of Oslob were able to repel one such attack and was peaceful ever since. These prompted them to relocate the town to its present site from their fortified settlement in Daanglungsod which are now in ruins but still breathtaking. – wikipedia.org


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