Parish of St. Anthony de Abbot (Carmen)

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Loay Interior Road
Municipality of Carmen, Bohol
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During the Spanish time, the town of Carmen was called YMBAYA, a barangay of Bilar located between the hills of Camanayon, Bagohon and Pinoonan. The place had a population of about 2,500 with 502 tax payers. It has an extensive area suitable for agriculture with an abundant of water supply since it was situated at the left bank of Palian Creek and Upper Loboc River.

Due to the distance of about 3 leagues from Bilar proper, it was requested that Ymbaya be made into a separate town because it was not properly administered that the barrio became the refuge of vagabonds and thieves. The proposed town plan was analogous to that of the City of Ubeda of Ulerte in the Province of Jean in Southern Spain, so that it was proposed to be called UBEDA in honor of the City of Ubeda. However, the Governor of Bohol during that time was against the proposal but, the District of Visayas was in favor.

On March 1, 1869, the town of Carmen was officially founded thru a final order from the Governor, General Jose de la Gandara in honor of the Lady of Carmel of Spain. The town of Carmen became an independent town with a condition that it should have at least 1,000 tax payers and to be able to construct the necessary public buildings.

On the year 1874 the town of Carmen has its separate parish with Father Pedro Nolasco San Juan as the first parish priest. On 1883 Fr. Julio Ansero constructed a convent and other one in 1887 under Francisco Ortauste. Being influenced by Spanish culture and tradition, all barangays of Carmen has a Patron Saint as well a Spanish name that celebrate an annual barangay fiesta.

During the early 1900’s, the people of Carmen revolted against the Spaniards and in the last world war, Carmen served as the stronghold of the Guerilla Resistance Movement and the local civil government. – Susan Racoma (from

The church was extensively damaged by the 7.2 magnitude October 15, 2013 earthquake that stuck Bohol.


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