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1000 Jose P. Laurel Sr. Street
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The Presidential Museum and Library is the primary office within the Office of the President responsible for preserving, managing, and promoting the history and heritage of the Philippine Presidency, and particularly of Malacañan Palace as its official seat. It is the principal historical and artistic repository in support of the institution of the Presidency and for the benefit of the Republic and the Filipino people.

It exercises primary curatorial, conservation, preservation, custodial, and advisory responsibilities over structures, and facilitates the conduct of tours of designated areas within the Palace.

It was created in 2004 with the implementation of Executive Order No. 366, issued by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, which merged the Presidential Museum and the Malacañang Library into one office as the Malacañang Museum. The collections of both offices were integrated and housed in Kalayaan Hall, while others were placed in off-site storage facilities.

In 2010, Executive Order No. 880 was issued, placing the Malacañang Museum under the supervision of the National Museum for museological and related policy purposes. Later on, Executive Order No. 4, promulgated by President Benigno S. Aquino III, placed the Malacañang Museum under the supervision and control of the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office. The issuance likewise renamed the Malacañang Museum as the Presidential Museum and Library. –

The Malacañang Library was instituted in 1946 (then known as the Malacañan Palace Library) to serve as a general reference library for the use of Malacañang officials and employees, as well as students and researchers.

Four years later it was made part of the Office of Public Information, but later again became a separate entity. At this time the Malacañan Palace Library referred to the collections housed inside the Palace and which were used by the President, while the Malacañang Library became the general circulation library catering to officials and employees of the Office of the President as well as the general public. Starting with an original collection of about 500 volumes, the Malacañang Library was able to increase its holdings throughout the years. Its collection included an up-to-date file of laws and executive issuances dating back to 1900.

The office was tasked to maintain and preserve books, periodicals and other publications belonging to the Office of the President or that were entrusted to its custody; and to attend to requests for reference information, or other materials. Moreover, it was mandated to acquire—by purchase, exchange, or donation—such additional books, periodicals, and other publications that may be needed by the Office. It was also responsible for classifying, cataloging, and indexing its printed resources to facilitate its consultation and use, and see to it that current lists of newly acquired publications are furnished to the units of the Office of the President.

In 1973, the Presidential Library—a gift for President Marcos by First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos on the occasion of his birthday, and distinct from the Malacañan Palace Library—was established at the ground floor of Maharlika Hall, now Kalayaan Hall. Besides being a library, it also served as a clearing house for President Marcos’ documents. In 1997, the Presidential Library was abolished, and its collections were transferred to the Malacañang Library. –

The Presidential Museum and Library, formerly Malacañang Museum, the official repository of memorabilia of the President of the Philippines, is located in Kalayaan Hall. It was established in 2004 when the Presidential Museum and Malacañang Library were merged into the Malacañang Museum the renamed to its present name in 2010. The Gallery of Presidents features exhibits and galleries showcasing the heritage of the Presidents beginning from Emilio Aguinaldo to the present. It is composed of objects and memorabilia – including clothing, personal effects, gifts, publications and documents of former presidents as well as the artwork and furniture from the Palace collections. –


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