San Carlos Borromeo Church

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Batan, Batanes Islands
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20.415394N 121.947244E

San Carlos Borromeo Church is located in Mahatao, Batanes and is designated as a National Cultural Treasure.

It was built by the Dominicans in 1789 and the present church was rebuilt in 1873 by Onesimo Polo, who used limestone for the walls and cogon roofing. The stone beaterio or house for laywomen and other structures were built to serve as directions for people, especially the fishermen who use it as a guide on their way home.

The church has an espadaña-style façade similar to Santo Domingo de Basco Church. It has two round arches at roof levels for the bells and buttresses on the outer walls. The buttresses also served as stairways during maintenance of its then cogon-covered roof.  –


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