San Isidro Labrador (Lazi) Church & Convent

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Poblacion, Municipality of Lazi
Province of Siquijor
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Lazi Church also known as St. Isidore the Farmer in Lazi, Siquijor was established by Augustinians Priests under Patron San Isidro Labrador in 1857. The church and convent was built under the term of Fr. Toribio Sanchez, O.A.R.. Made of sea stones and hard woods, the church was finished by Filipino craftsmen in 1884 and the belfry after a year. The wide convent was started in 1887 and blessed in 1891 with the measurement of 42 by 38 meters. The convent was one of the largest in the Philippines. –

the church has two pulpits, the original retablos, and wood floors with herringbone pattern. The church walls are approximately a meter thick, The walls are reinforced with log post which are embedded in the wall. The façade is veneered with coral stone, while the rest is made of fill. The pediments of the church are made of wood panels.”

“Across the church is a large convent, which was used for rest and recreation of the Friars. It is a U-shape structure, with stonewalls at the first level, and wood studs and panels at the second floor. The convent has width of about 50 meters and a depth of about 50 meters. Most of the partitions of the convent have been removed, but the design elements are seen in most parts of the structure.” –


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