St. Catherine of Alexandra Church

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Province of Cebu
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10.105944°N 123.640428°E

St. Catherine of Alexandra Church and conevent was destroyed by the Muslim raiders in 1622. The present stone church, not sure if the second or the third church, was constructed on top of the hill for security purposes. The construction began in 1860, continued in 1865 and finished in 1875. The church’s roof was destroyed by a typhoon in 1876.

The wide Graeco-Tuscan facade, with Muslim decorations has a double indented arched main entrance,a blind wheel window under the upper arch, baroque pediment. The church’s patio is surrounded by a fence of Coral stone and wrought iron. It has 12 statues of the 12 apostles painted with white except for Judas, standing alone on a pedestal in front of the convent, painted with black.

The two Muslim-style bell towers have geometric buttresses with no openings except at the third level where ogee arches are used for the bells. The convent was established on May 23, 1559 under the patronage of Visitation of the Virgin. It measures 33m in front and 22m at the side. It was ruined during the 1876 typhoon. –


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