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Tabaco City
Province of Albay
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13.359348°N 123.729243°E

The Tabaco Church in Tabaco, Albay was founded by the Franciscans in 1587 under the patronage of San Juan Bautista. Formerly a visita of Cagsawa, it was separated in 1616 and became an independent parish in 1664. In 1750 its administration was handed over to the secular priests.

By virtue of P.D. 260 (1 August 1973) as amended by P.D. 1505 (11 June 1978), this church was declared as a National Landmark and by the NCCA as a National Cultural Treasure.

Tabaco Church is built from unplastered blocks of dark volcanic tuff, giving it an almost primitive look. A triangular pediment caps a single level, flanked by pointed finials. The facade is divided into vertical bays by pilasters that taper off to the pediment. Tall rectangular windows grace the bays, adjacent to the main portal. These depict religious scenes in stained glass. The main portal is arched and plain, presenting a simple wooden doorway.

The pediment has three arched openings. A center window containing a stained glass picture of the town patron, San Juan Bautista, flanked by two smaller niches.

Small finials top the balustrade that runs along the top of the pediment, and the whole facade is surmounted by a cross.

A separate bell tower rises to the left of the church, and tapers widely to a domed roof. Arched windows peer out in all directions on the upper levels. Compared to the simple church, the bell tower is noticably more decorative, bedecked with balustrades at every level and featuring embossed with carvings on the walls.

Described by the NHCP as: Broken pediment, arched windows and doors, balustrades outlining the edges of the pediment and the corners of the bell tower, paired pilasters, the scrolls topping columns, and spires terminating the two edges of the triangular pediment – are its great architectural forms. For an Earthquake Baroque the huge buttresses, blind windows, and the visible belfry separated from the main church building are characteristics of the said style in Philippine architecture. –


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